Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Flight Control site update & Facebook page

We've just uploaded a new version of the Flight Control web site to Cloudcell. Hmm, what could it mean...

In further Flight Control news, we've also set up a Facebook page for fans to share tips and chat, so please come join us there :)


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Firemint Real Racing scrum

Here's a happy snap of the Firemint Real Racing team during their morning scrum. Daily scrums are part of our game development process. They take about 10 minutes, and each team member updates everyone on their progress since yesterday. Everyone on the team takes part - programmers, artists, QA and producers. Most people will be standing rather than sitting to keep scrums short and sweet! We've had well over 200 scrums for Firemint Real Racing.

As you may have heard, unfortunately we did not hit our target release date of April 2009. If you've read our earlier blog post, you'll know that we're just as keen to see Firemint Real Racing on the App Store as you are (maybe even more so!) As soon as we have an expected release date, we will let everyone know.

Friday, May 15, 2009

New on Cloudcell: Tag and Follow

We've added two new features to Cloudcell. You can now tag yourself with a list of words that describe you, to help your friends find you on Cloudcell. Each tag will also have its own leaderboard so you can see the highest scores for everyone with that tag.

You can also "follow" people on Cloudcell, which will add two personal leaderboards to your profile page: one for all the people you're following, and another one for the people following you!